Who’s who

AHN 360_2

F1-SD editor and main writer Adam Hay-Nicholls got his break in Formula One when he wrote a piece for Intersection magazine about how to invite your way on to yacht parties at the Monaco Grand Prix. Red Bull then hired him as a staffer on the Red Bulletin, which was the F1 cult mag. He’s a columnist for Metro, and contributes to Vogue, Esquire and Tatler among others. He’s one of only a few journos to have driven an F1 car, and once flew around the world in under 58 hours on a private jet. Generally recognised as the King O’Blags, he also knows a lot about James Bond and Ghostbusters.


Contributing photographer James Moy was a spotty teenager when he first started shooting Formula One cars professionally. Although it probably didn’t hurt that his dad owned an F1 travel company. He once nearly had his head taken off by an airborne Lewis Hamilton, and is the only snapper to have got shots of Michael Schumacher throwing a fridge through a window. And stealing a forklift truck. And vomiting on his brother’s shirt. It’s all in a day’s work for Moysie, but much of the time you’ll find him sampling the Kingfisher on Vijay Mallya’s yacht and calling it work. He owns a canal barge, which beats a Benetti anyday.

F1SD mugshot

Contributing reporter Kate Walker is a late but obsessive convert to Formula One. As the sport’s first online-only journalist, she freelances for motorsport websites large and small, and never shuts up about social media strategy. Known in the paddock for her skyscraper heels and love of a good canape, she travels the world on a shoestring, determined to experience the F1 champagne lifestyle on a Babycham budget. So far, so good…


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