Luggage fit for an Olympian

Celebrity guests at launch of Michael Johnson Performance bag

Normally dinner bags are reserved for leftovers, but here was a dinner in celebration of custom luggage and a very fast diner – on the athletics track at least, for his ability to wolf down three courses should be described as ‘polite’.

Multiple Olympic gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson has joined forces with Dom Reilly to create his very own overnight bag. Dammit we wish we had the sway to design a bag to suit our personal schedule and idiosyncrasies. There’d be a lot less faffing around at passport control for a start.

The Michael Johnson Performance bag was unveiled last night at The Berkeley (suitably discrete glamour) in London at a dinner with guests that included F1’s Claire Williams and Suzi Perry, former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, and fellow Olympians Denise Lewis and Sir Ben Ainslie.

As Johnson noted, the bag is both “meticulous and minimal” with a smart leather exterior and waterproof lining, a bright interior to help one find things and handy pockets, including a hidden shoe pouch should you suddenly be challenged to defend your 400m record and need to whip out the spikes. We particularly love the blue which is in line with Dom Reilly and Michael’s shared Williams involvement – MJ helping the team when it comes to crew performance and mind management, and DR bringing style and practicality to the team’s travel kit.

“The inspiration for Michael’s perfect travelling bag was based on his average day,” explains the eponymous founder, Dominic Reilly, formerly head marketing honcho at Williams F1. “This often includes a trip to the gym, a TV appearance, a conference, a business meeting, a dinner and a stay at a hotel. Michael wanted one bag to satisfy all these occasions. The bag also needed to be stylish, elegant and luxurious as well as practical and lightweight.”

Dom Reilly’s MJP bag is available to order at

Michael Johnson Performance Bag


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