They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it goes for the parties too. Last year broke some records for short skirts and unhealthy consumption. This weekend is looking to go one better.

Here’s the main late night line-up:

Amber Lounge has extended its Austin stop-over to three nights. Friday promises some big-name celebrity guests, Saturday is laydeez-nite and Sunday you’ll find physios giving their star drivers the evil eye.

It’s at the Coppertank at 504 Trinity Street. The brilliant Taboo from the Back Eyed Peas is DJing every night. Individual passes are $380 for Fri/Sat – free on Sat if you’re a girl and have a paddock pass (as in an actual paddock pass, not just Helmut Marko) – and $540 on Sunday. Moet & Chandon is offering a one-off Amber Lounge-branded jeroboam to whoever Tweets or Instagrams the best pic of the bottle, btw, should you feel that you need a fizzy take-away. Click here to book.

Taking over the whole 2nd floor of the swanky W, home to many F1 heavy-hitters this weekend, there’s the Blu party on Friday and Saturday featuring, on Friday, some Brazilian samba and caipirinhas to get you in the swing for Sao Paulo and, from 6-9pm Saturday, a fashion show. Individual tickets including open bar access and a hefty good bag are $400. Et voila.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday also sees the arrival of Nicholas Frankl’s My Yacht Club, which sounds like a bit of a misnomer as we’ve yet to see a Benetti bobbing on the Colorado. Well, hopefully the only dry thing about the event is the location – the Ballet Austin, at 501 West 3rd Street. If you’ve seen Black Swan you’re probably hoping for some girl-on-girl action, and who would bet against it? Individual passes are $300, but if you really want to impress 20 of your friends – or alert the IRS – you can get a table with ten dolly birds, a couple of burly security guards and some commemorative methusalems. Burp. Price = $50,000! More info here.

On Sunday night it’s GR1DCLUB and a special soiree for supporters of the Mexican bandits Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez. Given Checo’s P45 from McLaren, let’s hope it’s not a wake. OF COURSE NOT! Mexicans are well known for hitting the sauce when they get let go from championship-winning but currently very disappointing teams. And then they forget all their woes, do a little dance, shoot their guns in the air and buy everyone else drinks. That’s why we like them – and need that Mexico City race STAT. Individual passes are $350 for men, $150 for women, which seems rather f-ing discriminative, but there you go. It’s at the Rio rooftop lounge at 601 Rio Grande Street. It has a pool. Why does no one go in the pool at any of these shindigs? Go on! They do in the music videos (although those are properly cast – so maybe don’t). Press here.

If all of the above seems terribly immature and you yearn for something earnest and vegan, yet with its shirt off, then you might like to go and see Sting in concert. He’s playing ACL Live at 8pm on Saturday – The Moody Theatre, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd. Tickets are all sold out, however. Grr.

But, as luck would have it, there are still tickets available on Sunday night at ACL Live for L.A electro-rockers AWOLNATION, from just $39. The event, which kicks off at 9pm, is actually the official Infiniti Red Bull Racing afterparty, so if you’re lucky you might find Sebastian Vettel sucking away on what looks like a bottle of milk but is actually a White Russian (and not the sort that’s at Toro Rosso next year).

If we’ve missed anything with an open bar for the love of god email us.


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