Muse added extra theatrics to the Grand Prix weekend last night with a thrilling concert of shredding guitars, smashed amps, lasers, pyrotechnics, falsetto wailing, and epic rock star poses.

A few years ago the Kings Of Leon played here, at the height of their powers. They might have some good tunes, but the members all just looked at their shoes throughout the show. It was the kind of charisma vacuum last seen at a GPDA meeting.

Muse, not so much. Incredible musicianship, a fun loving space-rock concept, and so much shape-throwing energy and multi-disciplinary talent from singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist Matt Bellamy that it left one feeling thoroughly underachieving.

I recall seeing Muse perform in a Plymouth bar in 2000 for an audience of 15. Matt was sick in my friend’s toilet. They’ve come a long way since then, but they were always good.


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