Consecutive late nights, open bars, Singapore takes a full week to recover from, hence the rather late posting on last Sunday’s celebrations.

The grid was one of the busiest of the year due to the arrival of David Beckham who the entire paddock seemed to go crazy for. The Merc mechanics struggled to get Lewis Hamilton into his start slot because of the fevered pack of press and hangers on that surrounded Becks.


He’d join Lewis after the race at the Amber Lounge, but as soon as the flag fell the spotlight was on Rihanna, who played the post-race concert and came in for some criticism for lip-syncing. But she looked good in Raf Simons (strangely the dress below is from the 2014 S/S menswear line!) and kicked things off with the high energy Phresh Out The Runway, the opener off her latest album, followed by hit after hit.


The night before, F1 reserve drivers Davide Valsecchi, Alexander Rossi, Oliver Turvey and Rodolfo Gonzalez did a bit of runway work themselves for Amber Lounge’s fashion show, which included a performance by Swedish House Mafia’s John Martin. Then on Sunday night to close the weekend, the paddock party people joined Beckham in hearing Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas DJ – a very special hip hop-heavy set.


At one point a blazer-wearing Tory Boy-looking Prince Harry clone got up on stage and shocked everyone by doing backflips. Lewis Hamilton was beside himself with laughter and caught the whole thing on his phone. See what his homies make of that.


Caterham’s Alexander Rossi on the Amber Lounge catwalk


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