Flavio Briatore’s yacht was the scene of the wildest parties I’ve ever witnessed on Monaco Grand Prix weekend: Naked chicks, break dancing, giant inflatable zoo animals, aerial acrobatics, bondage, champagne spraying, huge afros; standard night chez Flav no doubt. It was wonderfully debauched.

Torch, the international sporting and social events brand which is hosting a three-day luxury bender aboard the Force Blue, has lifted the bar. LMFAO performed an hour-long set, with Redfoo standing on the tables of the intimate ground-floor deck while his hype-man poured neat vodka down the gullets of the 80-odd guests, many of whom had arrived in their supercars on the Gumball 3000 rally that afternoon.

After an acrobat climbed out of a fishing next 20 metres above the boat and LMFAO got everyone shuffling, Hed Kandi DJ Krystal Roxx did her thing.

Jeremy Clarkson appears to be having a rough week of it…



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