It was a long time coming but finally Sir Richard Branson has made good on his bet with Tony Fernandes. The pair’s wager centered on who would do better in their debut season in 2010: Lotus Racing (as Caterham was called back then) or Virgin Racing (as Marussia were called back then).

Despite scoring nil points, Tony’s Lotus team faired slightly better at the tail end. The loser, it was agreed, would don a stewardess outfit and serve on the other’s airline “coffee, tea or me?”

Something tells me it’s not that difficult to convince Branson to wear lippy and stockings, but I bet scheduling was tricky. Today, on a flight between Perth and AirAsia’s hub, Kuala Lumpur, Branson saw to the needs of his old protégé in First Class.

Always a perfectionist, the Virgin boss had had his legs shaved in the terminal. But the beard was staying put. “Have you not seen a stewardess with a beard before?” he asked the media throng.

“Only on Qantas,” a cheeky cameraman replied.


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