Kimi adds the finishing touch to artist M-City’s work

Last night I started to ruminate on a question that has yet to strike the art world: Is Kimi Raikkonen Banksy?

The enigmatic Finn (and we’re taking him at his word here, could easily be from Bristol) joined Polish street artist M-City in a shipyard in Barcelona last night, to put the finishing touches to a stenciled and spray-painted Lotus F1 car. Just like Banksy-muse Mr Brainwash, or more famously Warhol, Kimi appears to use an apprentice to do the grunt work and then signs his name to boost the piece’s value. Sly.

The event was arranged by F1 newcomers Burn, the Coca Cola-owned energy drink. There were Spanish beats from DJs Ed Is Dead and B-NY, plus a range of colourful cocktails mixed with Burn. Try the Flaming Lips: 60ml watermelon juice, 10ml watermelon syrup, blackcurrent, 10ml lemon juice, Burn. Shake over ice. Cushty.

Barcelona is a trial run for a much bigger party Burn have planned for Budapest. Burn Yard Live is designed to bring together leading innovators from youth art, music and sport, and bring new energy to discarded and obsolete objects and places. The buzzwords are creativity and disruption. I’m told Budapest will be a music and arts festival set in an old train yard, and 3,000 people are expected to attend. There are also events planned for Korea, Brazil and, interestingly, Mexico.

Yesterday’s downtown bash was held at precisely the same time at Red Bull Racing’s Energy Station party – aka Chilled Thirstday – back in the paddock. Coincidence? Once was a time Red Bull would think nothing of inviting 3,000 of their friends to a warehouse. There has been some major downsizing in that department, so F1-SD heartily welcomes Burn and their big ideas.

Come midnight we left the docklands for the top floor club at the W Hotel, where Burn threw a panoramic after-party. Or should that be after-burn?

Here are some other examples of M-City’s work:








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