The £200,000 Ferrari accessory


McLaren and Tag Heuer, Aston Martin and Jaeger LeCoutre… It’s now de rigueur to launch a limited edition watch off the back of every supercar. It’s just that Ferrari and Hublot have gone one step further.

It comes down to price point. A £100,000 car cannot be aligned to any timepiece costing less than five figures, or else it might be purchased by people who can’t stretch to the car itself and thus devalue the brand. Plus it’s a great opportunity for the watch partner to step up and show what they can do, money being no object.

And when the car in question costs a full £1 million, it stands to reason that the watch fetches six figures.

Enter the Ferrari LaFerrari, Maranello’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive production car. Ever.

Let’s deal with the name first. The name is daft. Imagine a Jaguar TheJaguar? But that’s where the laughter stops because the car looks the berries. It’s also clever under the skin. Its 790bhp V12 thumps alongside a160bhp electric motor, giving it extra boost and KERS developed by Gestone Sportiva, aka Scuderia Ferrari F1.

Typically with these partnerships, the Hublot sets out to mirror the car’s technology, style and attention to detail.

There’s also one thing it’s got over the Ferrari. The name. It’s called Masterpiece. That is a good name.

The Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari, to give it its full aristocratic title, looks like an engine from the future with its anodized black  and red aluminium cylinders  and its Tourbillon exposed at one end. The case is black PVD titanium. It looks like it’s placed in a stealth car, or maybe a 21st Century proton pack, if they ever get around to making Ghostbusters 3. Like the Ferrari’s hybrid system, the Hublot boasts 50 days of power reserve. How you actually tell the time, though, is anyone’s guess.

It’s even more exclusive than the car. There will be 499 LaFerrari’s built, whereas Hublot will release just 50 Masterpieces.

The price is POA, but reported to be £200,000. You might as well spend the extra and get the car.

In fact, the watch costs more than the company’s 458 Italia and FF models.

The box it comes in has an unexpected flourish. Housed in a leather console and locked in a glass case, it comes with a gun-shaped power drill to undo the box’s screws, so you can pretend you’re in a pit crew just before you put the Masterpiece on your wrist.


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