Did you know that Infiniti Red Bull Racing is the only team to have its own in-house DJ?

DJ Erok has been a regular on the F1 party circuit since 2007, after he squired Red Bull and yours truly around his home town of Miami, taking in some of the biggest clubs of that ever changing South Beach scene. Since then he’s been coming to at least half a dozen races a year (you know, the good ones: Shanghai, Singapore, Sao Paulo), in between residencies in Berlin, New York etc.

“It can be anything from a planned after party for a race—a big production in a club—or it could be a random thing, like we’re in the middle of the German countryside and we roll into a little pub and just pop open the computer and start DJing off it,” he told

Erok was Down Under for the first race of the year. You can find a whole bunch of his F1 party mixes in his Soundcloud here, including special IRBR sets for Forbes magazine and Maybe if F1-SD is really nice to him he’ll make us one. He did once have a residency on my couch!


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