Given the on-track events of Sunday, and a couple of glum-looking pairs of team-mates down in the press scrum, it was rather apt that Sepang’s post-race entertainment was provided by Guns N’Roses – themselves no strangers to in-fighting.

I recall a line in Slash’s brilliant autobiography in which he recalls the time Axl Rose dumped a take-away tray of spaghetti on his band-mates heads because he was none too chuffed about how recording was going. The album was later titled ‘The Spaghetti Incident’.

Presumably the F1 2013 season DVD will be entitled ‘The Duplicitous Little Shit’, if Mark Webber has his way.

Anyway, I digress. Well done to Razlan Razali, Sepang’s CEO, for attracting Axl and his (all new) band to the grand prix. Suck on that Silverstone – Status Quo ain’t quite in the same league. Arriving in the VIP tent in front of the stage – complete with chandeliers, sofas, and Mumm by the pint – I congratulated Razlan on not only booking GnR but, for the first time in history, ensuring they went on stage bang on time.

Before running SIC, Razlan organized concerts for a living so he’s playing to his strengths.

They played some of Chinese Democracy and most of their greatest hits, including Welcome To The Jungle. Given the circuit’s location was covered with dense palm tries and pythons just 15 years ago, how many people can say they saw GnR play that song IN the jungle? Pretty cool.

Axl did the whole 2.5 hour set wearing a leather jacket. In 30 degrees. Then again, he is from Indiana. They know two things there: heat, and motor racing.






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