Every now and then we like to introduce you to paddock people who are a little bit unusual…

We’re always being asked, who is Moko? He’s certainly a man of mystery, an enigma dressed a lot of the time like a jive lumberjack or a Keith Haring print. He’s also one of the friendliest paddock regulars, getting high-fived by all the teams.

Laden with about 20kg of jewelry at any one time, Moko is one of the main players behind fashion brand Chrome Hearts, as well as a serious art collector and friend to the stars. But it’s his passion for F1 that sees him leave his homes in LA and New York to attend around 15 grands prix a year. That’s some serious air miles. He first got into the sport while growing up in Senegal, where motor racing wasn’t exactly high on the agenda. Nevertheless, in 1979 the African continent had its first world champion in Jody Schekter and from then on Moko has been a Ferrari fan.

Despite the attraction of F1 cars, Moko has never actually learned to drive.  “I like to preserve the mystery of the car,” he explains. Ah yes, that mystery again but, as befits a man of fashion, Moko understands that’s the key to longevity. “Enzo Ferrari had mystery, and so has Bernie Ecclestone. The less you reveal, the more people are drawn in”. So we won’t reveal too much about Moko then.

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