Currently on the car stereo of our fantasy RB9…

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive was the Bullet of our generation, but the style was unashamedly 80s, from the pink titles to the electro soundtrack that was the 21st century love child of Harold Faltermeyer and Giorgio Moroder.

The stand-out theme from the film was Nightcall and, finally, LA-based French producer Vincent Belorgey has put out a full concept album. The Testarossa on the cover is his everyday ride, by the way, and the album name will ring bells with anyone who had a Sega Game Gear.

The concept is that Kavinsky is a Ferrari-driving college kid who, in 1986, crashes fatally in the Valley and returns from the dead 20 years later to produce electronic music and scare his ex-girlfriend, who’s probably 45 by now and none too keen on zombies either.

A keyboard marathon with cheesy soft rock guitars and guest spots from Lovefoxxx, Havoc and Mobb Deep, Kavinsky’s production is every bit as rich as Daft Punk.

I’m trying to think of an 80s F1 hero who could out-joyride Ryan Gosling in the cool stakes. A young Gerhard Berger maybe. He always looked good in a scarlet Ferrari.



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