Surf’s up: the coastline of the Great Ocean Road is a boarding mecca.

You know when you’re in the line for the hotel valet with Guns N’ Roses and ZZ Top that it’s going to be a less than ordinary day.

This happened to me when I swung by the glitzy Crown Metropol after Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix to pick up a set of suitably rock n’ roll wheels: a big, swooping leather-lined 4×4 – Infiniti’s FX30d.

It looked as black as the Terminator’s Harley until it emerged into the harsh sunlight to reveal it’s handsome aubergine metallic paint.

The destination for today was nowhere in particular, just a road. The Great Ocean Road – the most celebrated highway in Australia due to its tight and twisty curves and the spectacular corniche of the Bass Strait with its turquoise waves, sandy beaches and limestone stacks.

I’ve driven a few of the greatest hits highways. For me, the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles is hard to top but you know what, I reckon I have a new favourite.

Added to the beauty and the workout you get behind the wheel is the history. Let it be known that the Great Ocean Road is the world’s biggest war memorial – and by far the most fun!

It was built by soldiers returning from the First World War and is dedicated to its casualties. It’s 243km long and only two-lanes, meaning that without DRS it’s best not to try and overtake.

I switched the FX to Sport mode, stiffening up the suspension around the corners, most of which will throw you off the edge if you try to do more than 60km/h. Best just to cruise, take in the scenery, watch out for wildlife, and pop down to a few coves if you brought your swimming togs or a surf board.

What better way to fill the gap before we head off to Malaysia for the next race.






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