When Lewis Hamilton was at McLaren he got a tonne of free hours out of Bombardier, but seemingly that deal has come to an end. Now he’s sunk £20 mil into his own Challenger 605, and the investment includes an eye-catching red and black paint job.

“Every plane is boring white or with this really sad brown stripe down the side. What were they thinking?” asks Lewis.

I agree. You can’t order a prêt-a-porter jet. Unless you’re the CIA on a rendition flight to Guantanamo, where’s the harm in standing out? I think I’d go the extra mile and paint a naked lady on the tail fin, like Larry Flint has done with his black-and-gold G4. Or go the psychedelic 747 route, a la Austin Powers.

Lewis’s Challenger is much bigger than his team-mate’s Citation CJ2. I know this because Nico once pulled up behind a Challenger 601 in which I’d been on a trip for some reason or another. We were at Cranfield Airport. I walked down the stairs and Nico was, like, “what the **** are you doing on that?” To which I replied it simply gets me from A to B. He’s always looked at me with confusion since then.

Lewis isn’t the first F1 driver to get busy with the spray cans. Michael Schumacher’s jet was pretty customized too.

ImageMichael Schumacher’s Falcon 200 cost almost half as much as Lewis’s Challenger.


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