The first Sunday night of the sporting year saw the F1 crowd shun their usual more intimate haunts in Melbourne, like Boutique and Eve, for the sprawling Trak in Toorak. One assumes a large chunk of the city is taking Monday off because the place was packed, mainly with fans still with grandstand tickets swinging from their necks. It didn’t seem the most likely place to see any real stars, but then Fernando Alonso popped up with some of his Ferrari gang to celebrate his podium start to the season and the fact that Red Bull didn’t win.

Dressed casually in a grey jumper, he was largely locked in convo with his manager and Scuderia newbie Pedro de la Rosa, and bizarrely the three of them were barking dog noises down a phone to one of their friends. I don’t know why, either.

As more paddock peeps rocked up, Alonso’s VIP area became a bit of a squeeze and the beardy Spaniard wisely moved to a more private area, where he was afforded a better view of the spandex-clad acrobat girls on stage.



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