Every now and then we’d like to introduce you to people in the paddock that are a bit unusual… Meet Hirotaka and Hiroko Kidosaki from Tokyo.

They are the world’s biggest fans of Jarno Trulli, and since Jarno isn’t in the paddock anymore they very diplomatically say they support “everyone”.

Want to know how big a fans? They’ve got one of Jarno’s Toyota F1 cars sat in their garage! Toyota honored them with the official title ‘World’s Most Enthusiastic Toyota Fans’. They could have just given them a Corolla, they’d have been perfectly happy, but no. Toyota went all out and gave them a full-sized Jarno-raced Toyota TF105. No wonder the team pulled out when the economy tanked.

“They presented my wife and I with a steering wheel from the 2009 Suzuka race, signed by Jarno,” explains Hirotaka-san, who is a highly respected architect (some of his high-rise buildings can be seen as the backdrop of the Singapore Grand Prix). “After that they phoned us and asked if we’d like the rest of the car to go with it!”

Mr and Mrs Kidosaki, who are in Melbourne this weekend, never miss the Monaco and Japanese grands prix and celebrated their wedding in 1990 by going to Suzuka. More original than Mauritius I suppose.


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