Welcome to the F1 Social Diary. There are hundreds of blogs and websites concerned with the sporting side of grand prix racing. That’s not what this is. We could tell you the minimum front-wing height, we could talk you through the complexities of the coanda exhaust, but we won’t.

The F1 Social Diary is about what happens off track, and the more glamorous the better: Yacht parties in Monaco, black tie balls in Melbourne, sponsor schmoozing in Singapore, celeb-spotting in Austin, paddock fashions (Germany is a worry), the hotels, airports, the unprintable gossip (we’ll find a way), dining on Michelin-starred fare, ragging Alonso’s company car, hitching on private jets, holding court in the Energy Station, tanning by the pool before free practice; this blog will get you on the guestlist.

We’re looking forward to a tense and competitive season in 2013, but most of all we’re gagging for champagne and canapés. Grand prix racing is thirsty work, after all.

We’ll tell you what events are coming up, where we’ve been, what was in the goody-bag, and who we’ve made friends with. F1 Social Diary will be at the heart of the action, provided there’s an open bar nearby.

We won’t be talking tyre compounds. But we might review Pirelli’s espresso.

We’re kicking off with a busy week. We’ve been hanging out with McLaren in Geneva, we’ve got cocktails lined up with Rolex and Mercedes-Benz in Melbourne, and we’ve had our mitts on what we reckon is the greatest Ferrari ever built. Yeah, someone’s got to do it. Written and photographed by professionals in the field who’ve already done the tour a dozen times, this is the inside track on life(style) in the fast lane.

If you’re throwing an event, let us know. If you’ve got some nice luggage you’d like us to road test, send it over. If you’ve had the best meal of your life near a race track, point us in that direction.

If you’re a luxury, fun or digitally-minded brand that’s into F1, we should talk.

See you on the (dance floor) podium.


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